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by Dale Collins 



Daily Prayer Scripture, “DPS” is a group on FACEBOOK and its contents are being shared here on our website to make this powerful information available to our worldwide audience.  It was created by Dale Collins, a servant of Jesus Christ serving as bishop of Mount Zion Deeper Life Fellowship in Conway Arkansas at the request of a young man in the Philippines that requested we send him a Scripture on Prayer every day for a year. This young man’s hearts desire was to go deeper in God that year through prayer. How could we refuse to help. Realizing that we all have a need to go deeper in God through prayer I decided to open this group as a way to post a Daily Prayer Scripture for the benefit of this young man and all who are interested in prayer. Thanks for joining this group on Facebook if possible and for being on this website.  May God richly bless each of you as you are motivated to go deeper in God through prayer.


Dale Collins

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